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For every 1000 babies born, six incur injuries from birth trauma.  This rate is higher for male babies than female babies.  More birth injuries occur at big hospitals, which include hospitals with over 300 beds.

Medical mistakes from birth can cause the following injuries and conditions in babies:

Sometimes, pregnancy complications can be anticipated before birth, such as premature birth, premature rupture of mother’s membranes, disproportionate size of baby versus mother’s pelvis, anticipation of large baby based on sonograms.

Examples of medical mistakes that can cause birth injury include:

If your baby sustained a birth injury, you should: get immediate medical care for your baby, develop medical treatment plan with treating physicians, and meet with a birth injury attorney to learn about your legal rights.   You should also document your stress and your baby’s pain and other problems that cannot be seen.

Individuals that may be liable for birth injuries include: doctors, hospitals, nurses, paramedics, anesthesiologists, technicians and other employees of hospitals.

Hiring a Dallas, Texas birth injury attorney quickly after your could be beneficial to your case.  One, hiring a birth injury attorney will relieve your stress in addressing your baby’s injuries.  Two, the birth injury attorney will examine your case and gather necessary evidence, such as medical records and photographs of the birth injury.  Three, the birth injury attorney can protect your baby’s best interest by advising you and communicating with the insurance companies on your behalf. Four, a birth injury attorney will get you the compensation you deserve for your baby’s injuries and assist you in dealing with your baby’s long term and future medical needs.

If your baby or child sustained a birth injury your baby may be entitled to compensation for the following: medical bills, future medical care, future loss of earning capacity, pain, mental anguish, disfigurement, and impairment.

Our firm is based in Dallas, Texas and handles birth injury cases throughout the State of Texas.  If your baby has birth injuries or lost a baby due to wrongful death, please call Dallas Birth Injury Attorneys and Lawyers at The Kipness Law Firm. Call 214-800-3454.

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