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Below are some examples of recent recoveries for our clients. This is not an exhaustive list of our case results. We have provided these case results for unique reasons such as: insurance companies or employers initially refusing to take responsibility for the accident or for making low offers to our personal injury clients before they sought the services of our law firm.

$125,000.00: Car Accident - Wrongful Death

Confidential: Work Accident – Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) With Three Brain Surgeries

Confidential: Work Accident – Knee Fracture With Three Knee Surgeries

$95,000.00: Slip and fall accident – ankle fracture

$80,000.00: Car Accident – shoulder surgery

$70,000.00: Car Accident – shoulder surgery

Confidential: Work Accident - Closed Head Injury and Shoulder Surgery

Confidential: Knee Injury and Surgery

$60,000: Slip and Fall Accident – Ankle fracture and surgery

$35,000: Car Accident: Elbow Fracture

$30,000: Hit and Run Car Accident – Neck Pain

$25,000: Motorcycle Accident: Knee Injury and Surgery

$25,000: Car Accident: Jaw Fracture and broken teeth

$18,000: Car Accident: Neck Pain

$33,000.00: Car Accident – cervical spine injury

$31,507.00: (policy limits) Drunk Driver Accident – neck injuries

$25,000.00: Car Accident – neck and back injuries

$25,000.00: Work Accident – leg injury with wound infection

$20,008.00: (policy limits): Car Accident – broken leg

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